Thursday, July 31, 2008

id like to welcome a new blogger into this world. congratulations on your first post. ladies and gentleman, i present to you handsome grandpas.

Monday, July 28, 2008



so captain pong is leaving us soon by packing up his fancy shoes and heading back to toronto. i don't get to see him much but when i do its always a good time. the mayor, the mayor and becky, cat naps, things blowing up in the sky and indigo dyeing in the park.

Monday, July 21, 2008


one of my closest friends mike who lives out of town had a baby. her name is violet shipley. this weekend i got to spend some quality time with her and wore her as a baby hat, continuously sniffed her head and couldn't put her down. i spent a day lounging on grass with mike, tasha, becky and their dog lucy. maybe the best afternoon ive had in a looooong time.


this past week someone had a birthday, we went on a day trip to seattle and my friend got married.delicious homemade cheeeeeeeeeeesecake.
i found the directory for the lower mainland 1978/9 in the seattle public library. i found my parents in it before i was born. in a address and farm i dont recognize. it felt like i went on a time machine and spied on them. because at this point i wasnt even a nucleus. my parents didnt even know who i was.

this is the cracky woman who had the potential to devastate the wedding. she actually ran around grabbing the mic blurting out insane things. she quite possibly could have tripped and knocked over the 5 tier wedding cake. good for her.


Monday, July 14, 2008


you thought i forgot? well i did. posts got infrequent cuz my camera got sand in it at the beach and it sounded like a god damn shekere.
but don't worry crunchator's back in this bitch with a new camera. and hes gonna be posting again. its summer too. its hot. i rather be outside eating rocket pops and punching water.