Monday, April 28, 2008


unfortunately i was not able to go to the festival this past weekend because my stupid chariots wheel fell off. but i made the best of the situation by doing other stuff. like eating mussels and sandwiches and exploring and lighthouse park and bike riding a bit and BBQing and clipping cat toe nails and punching things and stealing things. i also drank caesars and smoked cigarettes. i had lots of americanos too.

Friday, April 25, 2008


so i'll be gone for the weekend as i am attending the 695th annual renaissance festival in irwindale, california. shits gonna be awesome. i met a lot of cool people at the 694th annual renaissance festival last year. shout outs to my friends wizardpower666, pegasussdontdie and dungeonsnotdragons. i hope to see them this weekend. last year i focused on the centaur portion of the fair but this year i decided to focus on the oracle and wizards section of the festival. ill post photos when im back!!!
heres some photos i took last year to hold you off for a bit.
oh, ps. im dressing up like a minstrel and my costume tooooootally rules.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


worf asked me to post this. he wants everyone to know that stephen hawking is lying.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


earth day? more like worf day!! HAPPY WORF DAY!!!!! do your part and help a down and out klingon.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Peggy Chang "hey do you remember muxtape?"
Sammy Cheng "fuck no"
Peggy Chang "really? it was around like 2 weeks ago. everyone was doing it."
Sammy Cheng "nope, no fucking clue"
Peggy Chang "yeah, it was this site where people put the music they liked on it and shared it with one another"
Sammy Cheng "oh really? what the fuck was it for?"
Peggy Chang "im not too sure. i never actually listened to anyones muxtape"
Sammy Cheng "was it like fucking itunes?"
Peggy Chang "nope"
Sammy Cheng "oh, that's fucking weird"
Peggy Chang "so you don't remember at all?"
Sammy Cheng "fuck no"
Peggy Chang "oh, im hungry"
Sammy Cheng "hey do you want to get some fucking egg rolls followed by some fucking gelato?"
Peggy Chang "sure, if your buying"
Both "wahahahaaaahahaha hahahahahahahaha"
Sammy Cheng "i fucking love you peggy"
Peggy Chang "i love you sammy"

Sunday, April 20, 2008


"why the fuck does it smell like weed?"
"oh its 420. its just a bunch of white gangstas and fake hippies. "
"holy crap, i can smell it and we're 2 blocks away"
"oh my god, look at that dude tripping in the tree"
"yeah, what a scumbag"

"fucking hippies, it pretty much is legal"
"yeah, hippies, they're openly hot boxing an entire city block and their complaining about the legality of weed."
"yeah, suckas"
"hey hippie!!! give me a hit of that"

PS: please leave a comment if you see something out of the ordinary in these shitty quality photos.
eg. jon spotted a black cowboy in the last photo. he also mentioned that the black cowboy would be high as hell.


ummmmmm, guess which one totally sucks and which one totally rules. just guess. oh and if you were wondering i can hear two cats effing outside my window right now. im gonna film it. yeahhhh. sexyyyyyy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


drove to seattle to drop off red at the airport. ate some more jack in the box. ate some mac and cheese. ate some football sized puntable burritos. drank some tallboys. drank some margaritas on the rocks. dabbled in new hair products.

Monday, April 14, 2008


id like to thank the assholes at 'a treat for the road' for allowing me to participate in this new blog. it's pretty much dedicated to one thing only. and seeing that summer is coming up quick im pretty sure it'll be updated frequently.


august 15th, best show ever. got some tickets. see you there.
abnormally nice weather

Untitled from crunchator on Vimeo.

Untitled from crunchator on Vimeo.
had another fire at the beach, this time with floating lungs and dancing fire balls, fell asleep on the sand, woke up at 4am to rain drops on my head.
found some fake garlic on the street, we're gonna smuggle it in to a grocery store.
down by the bay

Thursday, April 10, 2008

you suck antler head. are you s enough?

you seen these things? they're everywhere. they suck. we discussed that its probably some company trying to reach a "edgey" audience or something with their campaign. totally shitty campaign. you can tell cuz its printed really crisp and its really got no interesting message behind it at all. except to wear stripes and have a vespa. so i checked around a bit and found this.

?There appears to be a trend towards ?What?s old is new again? and the whole retro vibe among the younger demographic,? says Jennifer Errico, marketing manager at Vespa Canada. The S is an attempt to reach the younger segment of the scooter?s traditional 25- to 45-year-old customer base.

Ad agency of record Dentsu has designed a campaign around a character with the scooter?s retro-styled handlebars for a head. Nicknamed ?Antlerhead? by the agency?s creative catalyst Glen Hunt, the character will appear online and in national daily newspapers under headlines such as ?Holy S? and ?Are you S enough??

Antlerhead will also be projected onto outdoor surfaces thanks to a partnership with Toronto-based Optiadmedia, which will use projectors mounted on Vespa S scooters.

Dentsu has also teamed with famed Canadian photographer and graffiti artist Faux Reel to produce some of his hallmark street art for the launch. Life-size, black-and-white images of Antlerhead will begin appearing in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal in early April.

Vespa is also launching a TV ad for its overall brand. Though it?s been available in Canada for four years, the brand is still very much in outreach mode, says Errico.

?People know it and recognize it, but [Canada] is still very much SUV land. Our job is to let people know that there are other options for transportation and Vespa is top-notch.?

Based on the idea that Vespas are decidedly not for hard-core motorcycle enthusiasts, the TV spot (which will also be online and likely in cinema) features a stunt rider trying unsuccessfully to jump a scooter over a row of cars and setting himself on fire.

The scene cuts to the same rider offering a lift to a young woman, who wraps her arms around his waist. The spot concludes with a voiceover saying ?Vespa: not built for jumping. Vespa: built for love.?

?Let?s face it, a Vespa isn?t a hog,? says Hunt. ?It?s iconic, it?s Italian, it?s sexy.?


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


kind of the best thing ive found in a while
i found it while trying to see if i can still read japanese. i sort of can. probably like a 5th grader or something. anyways the thing i found isnt japanese at all. its american i think. from the united states of america. or maybe its from the UK. fuck, here it is. PINT PRICE!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


saturday night was really fun. here is a photo documentation of the evening with photos that are not my own.

Friday, April 4, 2008

i dont really know the purpose of this site other than people are really stoked on it and i just gave it 20 minutes of my life. do people actually listen to other peoples muxtapes from start to finish? i know i haven't. will you ever check my muxtape after this post ever again? probably not. i find it a lot easier to make a mixtape on my itunes cuz i couldnt use most of my music for this muxtapeing business. i remember the cool part about real mixtapes is that you can put them in your pocket. i dont think i can put my computer in my pocket, unless im wearing some fubu pants from 98. maybe im missing something. let me know if i am. im just gonna keep using my ipod.

Thursday, April 3, 2008