Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

SINCE 1926

japa dog is delicious but don't forget about these! they were there for you when you were hungry after shopping for bel biv devoe singles. or after playing the terminator 2 shooting game at the arcade. or when you needed something before you plunged into a purdy's dipped cone rolled in nuts cuz sprinkles are for suckas. anyways, i present to you the uncontested king of mall food, orange julius hot dogs.
runner ups in the king of mall food competition
purdy's dipped cones
new york fries poutine
shitty but delicious chinese food at something something wok
those silver cola balls from the sweet factory
and that pizza place that sells giant slices (ive never had one but they look alright)

failed the mall food competition
kernels (nobody wants to eat blueish pink popcorn)
weird sandwich place (if i wanted a sandwich that was homemade looking id fucking make that shit at home)
taco time (i always see taco time at malls, fuck off taco time! go away and come back as a taco bell)


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


so i sliced my finger up pretty good last week. heres some photos to show you the healing process.

first day, pretty mangled, wouldnt stop bleeding. didnt hurt too bad. the cut was cleaaaaaan. it kind of went sideways into my finger so it was more like a filet. probably like half a centimetre.

second day pretty much looked like darth vaders face. didnt feel too great either. i left the bandaid off for as long as possible to dry that shit out.

one week after the slicing. pretty mellow. swimming in salt water helps heal it pretty good. i can touch it and it doesn't hurt. but i don't think it would withstand a full flick yet. it would probably blow up.

Monday, June 2, 2008


we found a cave at SL bay. so we cooked smokies in it. so what? i ate lots of smokies this weekend. you think i care?


for $167 you can
go for a weekend in westport and surf.
or you can get a new pair of sort of fancy jeans in the united states of america.
you can go to guu and treat two of your friends.
its probably enough to see most of the good movies for the year in the theatre.
you can buy around 200 reese's king size butter cups.
im not sure how much roofies it can buy.
or you can get get two awesome photos of your car.
burrard and pacific.