Wednesday, February 27, 2008


so this past month has been filled with several dental appointments to clean my filthy mouth that seen little to no dental work in quite a few years. put in charge to grind the awesomeness out of my mouth is ryan jones. my friend who is going to dental school. that means its cheaper (free) for me to get this done through him. the best thing about this experience has been my introduction to the world of the tongster and the amazing floss known only as crest glide. that shit glides, doesnt shred and doesnt mangle my gums like the other stuff. the tongster is in charge of scraping my tongue each and every morning. ladies and gentlemen i now introduce to you the tongster and crest glide. please enjoy.

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viewfromthisbox said...

i know green means you're pregnant
and pink means you have woken up with HIV...
but what do orange and blue mean?