Monday, June 9, 2008

SINCE 1926

japa dog is delicious but don't forget about these! they were there for you when you were hungry after shopping for bel biv devoe singles. or after playing the terminator 2 shooting game at the arcade. or when you needed something before you plunged into a purdy's dipped cone rolled in nuts cuz sprinkles are for suckas. anyways, i present to you the uncontested king of mall food, orange julius hot dogs.
runner ups in the king of mall food competition
purdy's dipped cones
new york fries poutine
shitty but delicious chinese food at something something wok
those silver cola balls from the sweet factory
and that pizza place that sells giant slices (ive never had one but they look alright)

failed the mall food competition
kernels (nobody wants to eat blueish pink popcorn)
weird sandwich place (if i wanted a sandwich that was homemade looking id fucking make that shit at home)
taco time (i always see taco time at malls, fuck off taco time! go away and come back as a taco bell)

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