Monday, April 21, 2008


Peggy Chang "hey do you remember muxtape?"
Sammy Cheng "fuck no"
Peggy Chang "really? it was around like 2 weeks ago. everyone was doing it."
Sammy Cheng "nope, no fucking clue"
Peggy Chang "yeah, it was this site where people put the music they liked on it and shared it with one another"
Sammy Cheng "oh really? what the fuck was it for?"
Peggy Chang "im not too sure. i never actually listened to anyones muxtape"
Sammy Cheng "was it like fucking itunes?"
Peggy Chang "nope"
Sammy Cheng "oh, that's fucking weird"
Peggy Chang "so you don't remember at all?"
Sammy Cheng "fuck no"
Peggy Chang "oh, im hungry"
Sammy Cheng "hey do you want to get some fucking egg rolls followed by some fucking gelato?"
Peggy Chang "sure, if your buying"
Both "wahahahaaaahahaha hahahahahahahaha"
Sammy Cheng "i fucking love you peggy"
Peggy Chang "i love you sammy"

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