Friday, April 25, 2008


so i'll be gone for the weekend as i am attending the 695th annual renaissance festival in irwindale, california. shits gonna be awesome. i met a lot of cool people at the 694th annual renaissance festival last year. shout outs to my friends wizardpower666, pegasussdontdie and dungeonsnotdragons. i hope to see them this weekend. last year i focused on the centaur portion of the fair but this year i decided to focus on the oracle and wizards section of the festival. ill post photos when im back!!!
heres some photos i took last year to hold you off for a bit.
oh, ps. im dressing up like a minstrel and my costume tooooootally rules.


cb said...

Where is a centaur's dangler located? This question has been a boggler for a minute now.

Anonymous said...

it is located on the back half like a horse. centaurs are a few levels up on a black man.