Sunday, April 20, 2008


"why the fuck does it smell like weed?"
"oh its 420. its just a bunch of white gangstas and fake hippies. "
"holy crap, i can smell it and we're 2 blocks away"
"oh my god, look at that dude tripping in the tree"
"yeah, what a scumbag"

"fucking hippies, it pretty much is legal"
"yeah, hippies, they're openly hot boxing an entire city block and their complaining about the legality of weed."
"yeah, suckas"
"hey hippie!!! give me a hit of that"

PS: please leave a comment if you see something out of the ordinary in these shitty quality photos.
eg. jon spotted a black cowboy in the last photo. he also mentioned that the black cowboy would be high as hell.

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