Tuesday, May 20, 2008


we went to washington state to go camping again. this time a different location.
so we took this thing
ferry from crunchator on Vimeo.

to get to this
beach from crunchator on Vimeo.
obviously it's a sourdough jack
breakfast oatmeal with apples
i figured i'd try and cook a smokie with a strip of bacon beside it
guess what? it was the most delicious smokie ever.
steak and vegetables on beckys new bbq
apparently the reese's peanut butta cup family in the states is a lot deeper than in canada. so i bought all of them.

while shopping at the dollar store we saw that they were selling $1 pregnancy tests at the checkout where the shitty soap opera magazines and gum would normally be. it's an awesome moment when you tell your child he was first discovered by using a test that costs the same amount as a king size reese's peanut butta cup.

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