Monday, May 12, 2008


so we had our first surf/camp trip of the year. it just so happened it was becky b's birthday too. so a big posse came out to celebrate. happy birthday!!!!
i'm gonna break it down like a yearbook writeup.
snoop , campfire smoke, raccoon love/hate, muscletor, hotdogs, tarp walls (useful/useless?), biggie, red apple, crow /monkeys in the morning, sweet cheeba cheeba and mo dirty debbies. thanks to bb, jh, m-tor, jc, ca, bk.
man, that was fun.

first campfire while camping this year!!!
first hotdog roasted on a campfire this year
this guy came to check out the smell
dirty debbies and surf checking.
it was raining a little so we went and rammed police cars for fun
"hnnngggggarrrrrrgggggg" there was a lot of this this weekend. a lot
looking for stuff.
tarp blankets
better photos to come soon. hopefully. courtesy of this guy.

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