Friday, May 30, 2008

you know what sucks? critical mass. it totally sucks.
mgrach "hey bill, what did you do last night?"
bill "oh, i went on a bike..."
mgrach "...ride with a bunch of dirt bag hippies?"
bill "what? how did you know? you don't like critical mass? i think critical mass is a great way of showing vehicle owners that bike riding is a suitable option and that you should leave your car at home."
mgrach "shut the fuck up bill. did you know stupid fucks like you make people hate bike riders? and that you waste time, gas and money for drivers? you probably wasted 5000L of fuel causing traffic jams across the city. isn't that what you stupid fucks are trying to get across? less fuel consumption?"
bill "......"
mgrach "maybe you dumb fucks dressed like pirates should do something productive with your time, like go to city hall and request more bike lanes. or maybe a suitable way of showing drivers that bike riding works is to speed past them on your bike during rush hour traffic."
bill "....."
mgrach "your an idiot bill. if your going to tell me how to be, you better have your shit dialed."

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viewfromthisbox said...

Yo you tell em Chuck!
Fight the power!
Terminator X it!